Company History and Facts

The Medical Advances Timeline:

1985: Company incorporated with the objective to commercialize RF resonators or surface coils being developed in the Biophysics Research Institute of the Medical College of Wisconsin.
1986: First coil sold under a sublicense agreement with General Electric.
1990: Sales increase of over 700% since incorporation in 1985.
1991: Listed on the Inc. 500 list of America's fastest growing private companies.
1992: Functional neuro imaging and gradient coil technology transfer concluded between Medical Advances and the Medical College of Wisconsin.
1993: Received ISO-9001 certification.
1994: Moved corporate facilities to the Milwaukee County Research Park and Technology Innovation Center.
1996: Received CE mark certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI).
1997: Merged with Intermagnetics General Corporation.
Current Company Facts:

Company Strategy:

Mission Statement:

Medical Advances, Inc. strives to create, through the corporate ten value axioms, a climate within the organization which instills in each employee a will to continuously improve all processes and procedures so that product quality, in form and function, exceeds customer expectation.

Ten Value Axioms: